Roger Federer thinks that U.S. presidents ought to be worn out when they take the oath of office.

The Swiss tennis star was asked on Thursday night what interests him during his weeks in the United States to play tennis. Although he doesn't watch television reality shows, he said he was intrigued by the last presidential election in 2008, which Barack Obama won.

"I did follow the presidential race with Obama, for instance, quite closely, because this time around I thought I was old enough and interested enough, whereas the last time I just heard it somewhat," the 30-year-old Federer said. "And I couldn't believe the length of it and the brutality of it, you know.

"So I felt like every president should be extremely tired becoming the president, you know, and this is actually when the job starts. So it's pretty fascinating to watch, I'm definitely going to follow it the next time around the same thing again."

Federer didn't give any hints about whom he might favor in the race.

Federer also said he's interested in geography and likes to learn about the cities and states he visits as part of the tennis tour. He beat American James Blake on Thursday night, advancing to the quarterfinals of the Western & Southern Open near Cincinnati.