Fan makes crucial error when ordering custom NHL jerseys

When ordering a customized jersey online, it's very important to remember a few things. First and foremost, a jersey with your name on the back does not make you a member of the team. Secondly, if you still want a jersey with your name on the back, you should remember to type it into the order form before finalizing the purchase.

If you forget that second step, you could wind up with this result:

Those default template jerseys are what Daniel Barthold got in the mail after an order gone wrong. Whoops!

Barthold said he was originally hoping to get a jersey with numbers but no name on the back. As it turns out, though, leaving the name section blank resulted in his and hers "Your Name" jerseys being shipped to their door.

Considering the fact that custom jerseys go for around $200 apiece on the NHL's official online shop, that would be quite the expensive gaffe for a fan. (It's worth pointing out that the official shop doesn't appear to let customers place "Your Name" orders, so this came from a knockoff site and was presumably cheaper.)

That could help explain why the Bartholds seem to have such a great sense of humor about the whole thing. Daniel says that they were originally planning on removing the nameplates, but are getting such a kick out of the jerseys (and the reaction to them) that they're going to leave them as is.

If you're at a Dallas game and happen to see a Mr. & Mrs. Your Name walking around, be sure to say hi to the Bartholds.