Elvis Dumervil was all set for the offseason.

The Baltimore Ravens linebacker was sitting pretty last Sunday, making plans to move to Florida to get started on his offseason training. However, once the conference championship games ended that night, he got a phone call saying that he had been selected to the Pro Bowl as an alternate.

No problem, right? Dumervil was probably happy to make the Pro Bowl for the fourth time in the last five years and there's no better place to spend a week than Hawaii. So, he stopped what he was doing and headed out.

Things went completely south from there and turned into a sequence of disasters not seen since the movie "Planes, Trains and Automobiles", according to the Ravens team website.

First came a quick train ride from New York to Baltimore so Elvis could grab some items he'd need for the journey. But, he got caught up in Winter Storm Jonas, which required him to change his flight plans.

OK, so follow along: Dumervil had to fly from Baltimore to Minneapolis, Minneapolis to Los Angeles and Los Angeles to Hawaii. By the way, this was all in one day. And when he got to Hawaii, something was missing.

His bags. They were left behind in Los Angeles. Whoops. The airline made plans to deliver them the following day.

"This is Delta, by the way," Dumervil said. "I was a little frustrated, but it was late at night, so I let it be."

So the next day arrived and no still bags. And this is what the airline had to say when Dumervil called to, you know, ask where the hell they were.

"Sir, we have a problem," the Delta employee said. "Your bag has been checked to Japan."

Oh, lord!

"I've never been to Japan, but the [darn] bag has," Dumervil said on Friday.

And to make things worse, he fell sick -- probably from all the airline travel -- and needed his vitamins. Of course, those were on the plane with his clothes.

"You travel so much, all the journeys, all the people sneezing," Dumervil said Friday. "Today is the best I've felt all week."

His bags finally arrived on Thursday. Yeesh.