Dodgers, Padres to play three-game series in Mexico

Today, Major League Baseball and the MLBPA announced that the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres will play in a three-game series at Estadio de Bisbol Monterrey from May 4-6, 2018.

The three-game series will be the third regular season series ever to be played in Monterrey. It will be the first series played there since 1999, when the Padres won two out of three games against theRockies in the first-ever international Opening Day.

The Padres also participated in a three-game series vs. the Mets in Monterrey in 1996. In game three of that series, one of the more memorable moments in Padres lore occurred.Sick and on an IV, recent Padres Hall of Fame inductee Ken Caminiti placed himself in the lineup, ate a Snickers bar for energy, and hit two home runs in the first three innings to propel his team to victory.

In a news release sent out by Major League Baseball, Padres COO Erik Greupner said:As a team with a bi-national fan base and reach that extends into Baja California and throughout Mexico, we are excited to once again play regular season games in Monterrey and help grow the popularity of our great game.Baseball fans in Mexico are passionate about the game and we look forward to deepening our connection with them.

Padres first baseman Wil Myers was also quoted in the news release:We look forward to playing in Mexico in front of some of the most passionate and knowledgeable baseball fans in the world. Both teams have a strong following south of the border and we anticipate a very warm and spirited reception when we visit Monterrey."