Cubs' cursed billy goat renamed 'Daniel Murphy'

It's only right that a little bit of the Cubs' cursed history was rewritten on Back to the Future Day.

Not surprisingly to Cubs fans, it wasn't in a good way.

After the Mets completed a four-game sweep of the NLCS in Chicago, the Wikipedia page for "Curse of the Billy Goat" was edited to change the goat's name to "Daniel Murphy."

Murphy, you probably know, homered in every game of the series in a record-setting run en route to NLCS MVP honors.

What you may not know is that the actual goat from the 1945 World Series actually was named Murphy. (Hence the clever Wikipedia editing.) And that wasn't the only other infamous Murphy in Cubs history.

Honestly, the Cubs do this curse stuff so well, aren't you kind of glad they didn't win the World Series this year?