Cristiano Ronaldo Stunning Late Minute Goal Leads Real Madrid to Victory

For once, Cristiano Ronaldo left the drama for the soccer field.

Delivering an electrifying late minute goal, Ronaldo led Real Madrid to a comeback victory over Manchester City that turned into a wild shootout over the last 25 minutes.

"The most important thing was to win and we did that. The team is good, the fans are good and I'm good," Ronaldo said in an article on ESPN. "It was a crazy game."

The win was a much needed morale-booster for the team, who has recently been plagued with rumors surrounding Ronaldo’s discontent with the organization.

"The most important thing was to win and we did that."

— Cristiano Ronaldo

The victory marks the first time Ronaldo has returned to play at the Bernabeu since Spanish media alleged that Ronaldo was “sad” because he felt the club was not supporting him enough in the race for this year's FIFA Ballon d'Or.

Shortly after, Ronaldo’s teammates came out to support him at a press event last week.

"When we met up, we asked him how he was. He said he was good, and we trained really well,” Real Madrid right back Alvaro Arbeloa said at the event. “It is a passing situation which is already over.”

Real Middfielder Xabi Alonso added, “We got the issue out of the way completely naturally."

The possibility of Ronaldo leaving the team began earlier this month when the power forward chose to not celebrate his goals in a home win over Granada.

However it now appears that the team is trying it’s best to help alleviate any issues Ronaldo may have.

“For Madrid, players and fans, it a real pleasure to have Cristiano,” goalkeeper Iker Casillas said.   “Cristiano is delighted to be at Madrid and for the fans it is really good that he is here.”

Associated Press contributed to this report.

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