The Chicago Bears wanted football fans to know Monday that they're keeping it "100."

To prove it, the players revealed their "new" triple-digit jerseys, which they claimed they would sport in 2019 in honor of their 100th season. The announcement conveniently landed on April Fools' Day, leaving many Bears followers skeptical.

But the Bears committed to the joke — even posting a news release and an accompanying video of their alleged new uniforms.


"The Bears announced Monday that in celebration of their 100th season in 2019 they will place a ‘1’ in front of all player jersey numbers, transforming the numbers into triple digits," the NFL team wrote in a Monday blog post, saying quarterback Mitchell Trubisky would wear No. 110 instead of No. 10, for example.

“First, I thought the idea was kind of crazy,” Trubisky said in a statement online. “I’m like, ‘Why are we all changing our numbers?’ But you know what, it’s an honor to be part of this historic franchise. We’re celebrating our 100th-year anniversary and I think it will be pretty cool to put the ‘1’ in front of every single jersey number.”

“I’m pretty pumped that I’m going to be wearing ‘110’ this year,” Trubisky added. “We’re just going to roll and everyone’s going to be sporting the nice ‘1’ in front of their jersey number.”


The Chicago Bears later updated their post to declare it was all a prank: "Happy April Fools' Day!"

But that didn't stop loyal fans from weighing in on the new triple-digit look.

"Almost got me..but I would buy one with #100 for sure," one Twitter user replied to the Bears' video of players donning the jerseys.

"Please God, let this be an April fool's joke," another wrote.

"I absolutely can not tell if this is a joke or not....," a third said.

Members of the team also played along.

"Excited to be apart of this historic season! Wearing this number for the first game of the season!" tight end Trey Burton tweeted.

"Let’s gooooo #116 #Bears100," punter Pat O'Donnell wrote.

"Uhhh ohhhh!!! Triple digit, can’t wait to rock the 112 this season," wide receiver Allen Robinson chimed in.

In a video Monday afternoon, the Bears posted a blooper of Trubisky promoting the fake jersey.

"Is that good? No. 110, let's cut," said Trubisky. As he walked away, fans could see the name on the back of his jersey read "April Fools."

The Bears aren't the only members of the NFL to play a practical joke on fans Monday.

New England Patriots' star Tom Brady, a six-time Super Bowl champion, also jokingly said on Twitter that he's "retiring" from football. "Was this a bad joke?" he later asked fans after his initial tweet garnered 33,000 retweets.