Check out this sweet bicycle kick goal from a Tampa Bay Rowdies game

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If there's one thing that never gets old, it's goals scored on bicycle kicks. It doesn't matter when or where, they just look kind of awesome.

Though there were some cool goals in MLS on Saturday night, the goal of evening may go to Joe Cole of the Tampa Bay Rowdies, a team that plays in the lower-division NASL. Check out how Cole calmly chest-traps the ball to queue it up like he already knows he is going for the bicycle kick and then, of course, his sweet finish:

Seeing a goal like that almost makes you wish style points could decide tiebreakers. Or that American soccer had promotion-relegation. We're totally kidding on both points!

The Rowdies went on to beat Puerto Rico FC by 3-0 for their first win of the fall season.