Charles Oliveira early test results show no major damage to neck, chest or throat

Charles Oliveira had his night cut short on Sunday when he fell down in agonizing pain just over a minute into the first round of his main event bout against Max Holloway at UFC Fight Night in Canada.

Hours after the event ended, reports surfaced that Oliveira had suffered a micro-tear of his esophagus, which can be a life threatening affliction if not treated immediately.

It appears those early concerns may not be founded, however, after UFC officials released a new update on Oliveira following his release from the hospital.

"UFC featherweight Charles Oliveira has been released from medical care in Saskatoon today and will be traveling home tomorrow. Preliminary test results for major chest, neck or throat injuries were negative and Oliveira will have a follow up appointment with his local physician upon returning home," UFC officials stated in the press release.

"Oliveira is in good spirits and appreciates the support he's received from his fans during this time."

Test results showing no serious injuries to the chest, neck or throat would seemingly eliminate the possibility of an esophageal tear, which counters earlier reports about Oliveira's health.

During the fight, Oliveira appeared to clutch the side of his neck and shoulder when he fell down to the ground before the bout was stopped. The only damage Oliveira possibly took during the bout came early in the action when he shot in on Holloway looking for a takedown, and it appeared as if his neck and shoulder jammed directly into his opponent's legs while he was trying to get the fight to the mat.

At this time, however, it appears Oliveira is in good enough health to return home to Brazil with no serious injuries as he awaits further news from his doctors about a timeline when he can get back in action again.