Chargers fined $20K for towel incident

The National Football League fined the San Diego Chargers $20,000 on Wednesday for failing to immediately give up a towel that had a grip-enhancing substance on it.

The incident in question occurred in a game against the Denver Broncos on October 15.

On Wednesday, the NFL released a statement saying the Chargers did not violate any NFL competitive rules, but was instituting the fine due to the initial lack of cooperation from the team.

The NFL went on to say the NFL has advised all clubs that the "use of towels or other products that contain any type of adhesive substance is now prohibited on game days until further notice."

San Diego issued the following statement after the fine was issued: "The NFL found no competitive violation with the use of the towel and the Chargers were not fined for using the towel. The League has directed all clubs to not use the towel pending further notice. We are appealing the fine for failing to cooperate with a game official���s directive. Our staff member was unaware that the game official was trying to get his attention and he cooperated fully once he became aware."