Can anyone beat Stephen Curry in All-Star Saturday's 3-point contest?

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Stephen Curry not only won the 2015 Three-Point Contest, but he did so by putting on an incredible shooting display in the final round which set a record for most points scored in the event's history.

We know that Curry has become the greatest pure shooter in the game, and we also know that the fact he'll be participating in the All-Star Saturday night event for a fourth straight year gives him a huge advantage.

So the question becomes, does anyone else eve have a shot?

Curry is an overwhelming favorite, and the odds of an upset are slim to be sure. Klay Thompson would appear to have the best chance of dethroning the reigning champ, in part because he has a year of experience in the event himself, and also because of his proven ability to get hot from three-point distance.

Thompson also had a round last year which tied him with five other player for fourth most points in the event's history.

But really what we're talking about here is Curry going cold enough to where another player's score actually matters. It's a longshot at best to believe in someone breaking the record Curry set just last year, and few if any are capable of shooting with anywhere close to a similar amount of consistent precision.

It's at least possible the right set of circumstances all conspire to take the title out of Curry's hands. But the smart money will be on Curry, and Kobe Bryant is among the many who know it.