Cab driver praises John Elway as greatest QB ever, then realizes he's in the car

If you're a cab driver and you suddenly find yourself with a car full of passengers asking you about your favorite quarterbacks of all time, you may want to have a look in the back seat before answering.

That was the lesson learned for Sam Snow, the driver shown in the video below. Snow recently provided a ride for former Denver Broncos quarterback (and current team president) John Elway and a few of the gunslinger's companions. Snow apparently didn't get a great look at his passengers before letting them in the car, because he initially didn't realize that he was in Elway's presence despite insisting that he'd recognize Elway if he saw him.

The exchange is pretty delightful. Have a watch:

Luckily, Snow had some very nice things to say about Elway even before realizing he was sitting just feet away. In a spirited discussion, Snow praised the Bronco and called him the greatest quarterback ever. That's quite the fortunate break for the man behind the wheel, but at least Elway knows that the guy wasn't just pumping his tires.