Brandon Browner: Others don't get called for penalties I get called for

Brandon Browner has had a tough year when it comes to penalties. As Christopher Dabe of The Times-Picayune points out, according to, Browner leads the league with 15 accepted penalties against him.

When speaking about the penalties with Dabe on Wednesday, Browner did express a slight feeling of being treated a bit unfairly at times.

"I've been dealing with this. This is not new to me. I've led the league over the past couple seasons. I try not to get on the refs, you know what I'm saying, because they got a job to do. But I do feel like sometimes they're inconsistent, you know? Just watching football across the league, some of the stuff that I get called for, some guys don't get called for. But ultimately it's about winning, just trying to find a way to win." Browner told The Times-Picayune.

Browner did say that he thinks the officials do a good job though, but that it's tough when the penalties impact how the game plays out.

"Like I said, I try not to, they got a job to do. ... It happens. It's part of the game. But it sucks when you lose and those plays affect the outcome of the game."

One thing that's certain is that the penalties will need to be fixed sooner than later. Whether it's Browner not getting away with certain things, or truly being flagged for physical play, it's hurt the Saints to this point in 2015.

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