As the Jets Turn: Tebow Trade Hits Bump, Sanchez Ponders Fate

Call it jumping the gun. Call it counting your chickens before they roost. Call it a colossal failure.

The New York Jets trade for Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has hit a snag.

According to ESPN,  the language in Tebow’s contract means the Jets would have to pay the Broncos $5 million for the trade to go through. That’s an oversimplification, but let’s be honest that’s all you need to know.

If they can’t work it out, the trade will be called off and the Jets will not have Tebowmania.

Jets Give Sanchez Extension

What does that mean for the Jets?

It probably means that if the trade doesn’t go through, and they can’t explain to starting quarterback Mark Sanchez why they had any interest in Tebow in the first place, they would have shaken the QB’s spirit for nothing.

How’s Sanchez supposed to believe in his franchise when they do something like this? How’s he supposed to think head coach Rex Ryan believes in him?

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As for Tebow, word on the wires and speculation is that if this trade is called off, he’s headed to the St. Louis Rams.

Their quarterback Sam Bradford is probably not going to like that.

Congrats to the Jets either way because the news gave New York and the tabloids the soap opera it so badly craves.

We’ll see what happens. But the aftermath either way is going to be pretty interesting.

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