BOSTON - There has been much Internet speculation about which member of the Boston Bruins ordered an Amstel Light during an expensive night of celebrating with the Stanley Cup.

Now the brewery is offering a reward to try to solve the mystery once and for all.

Amstel Light says in a press release it will provide free beer during the player's day with the Stanley Cup and at a Canada Day or Independence Day barbecue if he identifies himself.

A bill for more than US$156,000 at the MGM-Foxwoods Casino surfaced after the Bruins celebrated there following their Stanley Cup parade on June 18. The itemized bill included 136 Bud Lights and several liquor orders in addition to the sole Amstel Light.

"We want to reward the Bruin who ordered the Amstel Light to recognize him for making a great decision," the company said in Tuesday's press release.

The most expensive item on the Bruins' bill was a 30-litre bottle of Ace of Spades "Midas" champagne valued at $100,000 — something members of the team claim they didn't actually pay for.

"We had been given as a gift the bottle of champagne from Foxwoods and we knew after when we finished with it we would sign it and Foxwoods would auction it off," captain Zdeno Chara said last week at the NHL awards in Las Vegas. "That number that is posted up is nowhere near what the actual price of the bill was. All I have to say is we are very disappointed that something like this is coming out that is not true."

Expensive celebrations have been in style lately. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban picked up a $130,000 bar tab — which included a $90,000 bottle of champagne and $20,000 tip — after his team beat Miami to become NBA champions.