Sneak Peek: Interactive summer reading for the whole family

Have you made your summer reading list yet? Gather up the kids and the Kindle: Here are a few digital books to sit back and relax with while basking in the sun this summer.

George Harrison: Living in the Material World
A brand new title to hit the iBook store is certain to interest Beatles fans, music enthusiasts and historians alike.

"George Harrison: Living in the Material World," written by his wife, Olivia Harrison, is filled with material taken directly from the former Beatles' personal collection of memorabilia.

This book is not a straight read—it only makes sense that a book about a musician would include audio and video.

The multi-touch $14.99 book includes endless anecdotes offering insight into Harrison’s world, including tales from his fellow Beatles, audio clips, Harrison’s never-before shared handwritten letters on hotel stationery to family members, unreleased pictures, extra video clips of practices and performances and much much more.

Navigating this book is fun in itself. Skim the pages of Harrison’s first passport, on which he crossed out “student” and wrote “musician.” Reading on the iPad makes the content come alive, allowing you to zoom in and out and play video whenever.

Download George Harrison: Living in the Material World.

Star Academy
Remember the old “create your own adventure” books, where you could choose which page to turn to next, personalizing the story as you go? Digital books are taking this idea to a whole new interactive level.

The newest is "Star Academy" by Dylan Pool, set to be released in late June. The finishing touches are still being put on this story book for both kids and parents.

The author created a whole world surrounding main character Tyler, a 'tween boy who gets in a lot of trouble and somehow finds his way to the basement of his school -- leading to a portal that takes him to outer space, where he encounters aliens.

The beautifully designed images included in the adventure were created by Dylan Pool, an artist out of Hollywood who has worked on such films as "Avatar," "Tron" and "Lord of the Rings."

His unique style creates images so crisp and detailed they pop off the page like 3D. Animated items and sound effects as you read add to the drama going on throughout the various sections of the book.

Not just a graphic novel, mind challenges to unlock each chapter will be included throughout the finished product, making "Star Academy" both educational and entertaining.

If you're trying to get someone hooked on reading, this is an innovative way to do.