Photographer captures incredible image of lion cub appearing to kiss its mother on her nose

The photo was taken at Hwange Park in Zimbabwe

A photographer has snapped a remarkable image of a young lion cub appearing to give a kiss on its mother's nose.

The photo was taken by photographer Julia Sundukova while at Hwange Park in Zimbabwe, British news agency SWNS reports. Sundukova, 41, said the heartwarming moment became all the more special because of how intimate the young cub and its mother appeared to be.

This adorable image shows a sweet little lion club grabbing its mom for cuddles and even planting a sweet kiss of the big cat's nose. (Credit: SWNS)


"The lioness with the collar was the mother of the cub she played with," Sundukova said. "There were no males around, so it was interesting to observe how the cubs play and interact with the female."

"This is one of the most fun and interesting lessons of nature to me," Sundukova added. "Even though lions were a bit far from the road I was so happy to spend the whole of golden hour with them until the sun went down."

Hwange Park, which is Zimbabwe's largest national park, is "one of Africa’s top national parks," according to Discover Africa, a website dedicated to African safaris.

Not only does it span more than 5,800 square miles, but Hwange Park has more than 100 different species of mammals, more than any other park in the country. It also has more than 500 different species of birds.

In December 2019, a wildlife photographer captured the moment a lion cub bellowed its first roar, while hiding in the bushes at Serengeti National Park.

In January, a lioness at Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland was captured on film nuzzling its 5-month-old cub.


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