Waiting for childbirth can be a real pain in the neck – particularly when your neck is about 7-feet tall.

A livestream of an upstate New York zoo’s giraffe has captivated watchers since it went up Friday, but there’s still no sign 15-year-old April is about to go into labor.

When she does, the cameras positioned by Harpursville’s Animal Adventure Park will show the entire process. April’s fourth calf is likely to weigh around 150 pounds and measure close to six feet tall, according to the zoo.

The calf’s dad is a much younger giraffe – Oliver is only five years old and this is set to be his first child.

A giraffe pregnancy lasts 15 months.

Controversy briefly erupted when the live feed was taken down from YouTube because it reportedly violated the site’s nudity guidelines, The Associated Press reported. Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch blamed that brief interruption on “a handful of extremists and animal rights activists.”