Airbus Details Plane of 2050 (It's Invisible)

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If the "invisible plane" Airbus plans ever becomes reality, getting there will be ALL of the fun.

The airplane giant unveiled new details of the "cabin of the future" from its concept plane on Tuesday, as well as a new website with cool photos and details galore.

“We had talked previously about a concept plane," Airbus spokesman Clay McConnell told "But we haven't really talked in detail about some of the cabin possibilities."

The most eye-opening part: the plane itself will be more or less invisible, featuring not a traditional steel outer shell but a transparent membrane -- more or less see through for passengers -- that changes color based on the time of day.

Afraid of flying? Better find a new jet.

The plane itself will be chock full of other technology as well, which Airbus claims will be customized to each passenger's needs. No longer divided up by first class, business, and economy, it is divided by the individual needs of the passenger such as relaxing, playing games, and interacting with other passengers or people on the ground.

The revitalizing zone offers large panoramic views of the world above and below, and seats that form to your body, can massage, and can provide drinks or vitamins as required.

“Seats would be morphable, so that you could have a work space or a sleeping space or a visiting space, depending on what you wanted," McConnell told

The “interaction zone” of the plane involves a lot of virtual technology. Passengers will be able to shop in a way like never before, with the clothes projected onto them. This interaction is going to involve interaction between passenger and technology and also passenger to passenger.

More active passengers will have the ability to chose between a virtual gaming wall that lets them experience golf, baseball, and tennis, not to mention a bar scene for those who want to socialize and meet new people, as well as pop-up pods to give passengers privacy and enable them to engage in business meetings, romantic dinners, or even read a book to their children at home.

Despite all these ridiculously neat features, the main focus of the Airbus Concept Plane has been about the consumer’s relationship with the environment. The layout and creation of this plane was inspired by nature and has been designed to protect it.

Innovative ideas like morphing materials, bionic structures, holographic technology, and energy harvesting are all being implemented to make the planes as self sufficient as possible.

The launch of “The Future by Airbus” has outlined the five pillars of the organization, future energy resources, fight paths of the future, future travel solutions, research and technology, and future talent.

This endeavor is ‘aimed at highlighting both the challenges and solutions for air travel in the future,” McConnell said.