Well-Preserved: 7 Perfect Root Cellars for Storing Your Fall Harvest

Whether you grow your own or like to stock up at the farmers market, fall is all about preserving (and enjoying) nature's bounty: apples in a freshly baked pie or potatoes and carrots in a blissfully warm stew.

'Tis the season for eating, cooking, and baking, but you need a place to store and preserve your garden's bounty. We've found the right spots: seven homes with airtight, temperature-controlled root cellars.

Address: 19948 W 1000 S Talmage, UT

Price: $99,500

What's in store: To keep your apples crisp all season long, you'll need a light-proof root cellar and this one certainly fits the bill. The root cellar on this 10-acre estate was built right into the rock.

-- -- --

Address: 328 Dove Rd Bonners Ferry, ID

Price: $175,000

What's in store: Lock up those spuds and throw away the key. The root cellar on this property looks like a jailhouse straight from the Wild West, complete with rustic log walls and iron-hinged door.

-- -- --

Address: Old Highway 2 Lot 1 Troy, MT

Price: $185,000

What's in store: Want to go off the grid with your own plot of Montana land? You'll go wild for this piece of property in the wilderness. The land comes with a stocked pond and a cedar-lined root cellar perfect for storing your smoked catch.

-- -- --

Address: 8083 Falls Rd Trumansburg, NY

Price: $194,900

What's in store: This picturesque farm has plenty of space for starting your own garden, a basement root cellar to store your homegrown harvest, and a wood stove to keep things cozy while you do your holiday baking.

-- -- --

Address: 151 Jones Saint John, WA

Price: $374,900

What's in store: Positioned squarely off the porch of a historic Craftsman, this root cellar is the perfect spot to keep your beer cool for any backyard bonfires this fall.

-- -- --

Address: 3198 Mountain Rd Saylorsburg, PA

Price: $399,000

What's in store: With an acre of fruit trees and a massive greenhouse, this house has the perfect setup for a buyer with a green thumb. Bonus: The built-in root cellar will preserve your bounty all winter long.

-- -- --

Address: 16527 Robertson Rd Truckee, CA

Price: $799,000

What's in store: This 7.5-acre estate just might be the ideal fall retreat. It features a mature garden and a root cellar, and there's a wide cedar porch for you to take in the gorgeous forest views as well as a slice of tasty apple pie!