Indoor and outdoor decor that adds home value

Did you know that when purchasing and selecting decor for your home there are some purchases that increase the appraisal value and help to make your home more marketable? Here are some items to consider.

LIGHTING:  One category that is a good investment is light fixtures. Replacing the outdated shiny brass and “builder grade” lights is money well spent. Not only can the old wiring be a fire hazard but lights are to decor like jewelry is to the wardrobe -- they add the crowning layer to the design. I have advised my own clients to call their local Atlanta electrician to install new light fixtures.

WINDOW TREATMENTS: When selecting window treatments it is good to know about the one window treatment that increases the home value: plantation shutters. They are custom made to fit each window and are actually considered “window furniture”. They add to the appraisal value of the home.

KITCHEN: In the kitchen one simple thing that can be done to update and improve while adding value is to install granite or marble counter tops. No matter what price the home is, most buyers want granite these days. Another excellent kitchen investment is new appliances. It is important to select from the most popular colors or finishes. In today’s market stainless steel is the number one choice for appliances, the second in popularity is black, and white is the least popular.

BATH: The bathroom has many opportunities for investment decor. For example, installing new tile can dramatically improve and update a bathroom. By replacing the old dated tile with a modern tile in light tones the bath is revived with clean modern lines and appears more spacious. The mirror is an inexpensive investment with a positive impact. The existing mirror can be updated by attaching picture molding as though you were framing a picture.

One more way to update the old mirror is to replace it with a decorative mirror. Another effective bathroom investment is new faucets. A new faucet costs under $100 and just like the appliances in the kitchen, old faucets in the bathroom can give it a grubby or dated look and devalue the home simply by being old and unsightly. Another budget project with equity is to replace the vanity lights and ceiling lights. It is an inexpensive update that adds value. Lastly the outdated sink vanity can be replaced with a modern pedestal sink or a furniture piece with a vessel sink. This will have a positive impact on the wallet.

TURN A SCREEN PORCH INTO A SOLARIUM: When you replace the screen with glass and add heat and air conditioning to the space it instantly appraises as a larger home because you have increased the usable square footage.

FINISH THE BASEMENT OR ATTIC: This type of room addition is cost effective because the roof system is already in place. It adds to the value and increases the usable or “finished” square footage of the house when it has heating and air conditioning. Adding a bedroom also raises the appraisal value of the home but to qualify as a bedroom a room must have a closet and a window.

"THE OUTDOOR ROOM" has become as important as the “finished” basement in resale value today.  Both are certainly desirable, but if you have to choose, the outdoor room is the present rage among consumers. When selecting the décor for your outdoor room a FIREPLACE or fire pit is a good choice to add value.

ADD A DECK: To make the transition to the outdoor space convenient, it not only adds value, but helps sell the home as well.

ADD A WATER FEATURE:  It can be as elaborate and expensive as a waterfall with rocks and plants or as simple as a vessel or urn with water bubbling over the sides, but the sound and sight of water is very soothing and desirable to most people and is certainly a good investment.

LANDSCAPING: If the home is older, usually the landscaping is too. What used to look good is often overgrown and has to be removed in many cases.  Just as interior decor changes style, so does landscaping.  To have a fresh new design and foliage is a wonderful investment and can be enjoyed by the homeowner and those passing by.

MAILBOX: From a fresh coat of paint to a beautiful stone structure, the mail box can be attractive or an eyesore. Any investment or upkeep is recommended.

GATED ENTRANCE: When appropriate, a well designed entrance is very popular among home buyers and adds to the value of the home. The gate offers the perceived value of security and prestige. Gates can add style and curb appeal and offer a good return on the investment.

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