Best Indoor Herb Garden Kits Even Die-Hard Plant Killers Can't Mess Up

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Gather ’round, all of you remorseful plant killers: There’s still some hope for plucking fresh parsley and basil in the comfort of your home, thanks to indoor herb garden kits that make the process almost foolproof.

These kits include nutrient-fortified seed pods that sit inside self-enclosed containers of water, many with a built-in light placed at just the right height. What’s more, many of these hydroponic systems will help your plants grow faster, be impervious to well-intentioned overwatering, and attract fewer pests. Best of all, these kits come in a full range of sizes and prices, geared for any budget, space, and personality.

Check out some of the latest, greatest indoor herb garden kits available now.

Best for: The beginner

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Cole & Watson’s single-plant hydroponic planter keeps it simple: A rinsable felt pad lets the plant draw water from a reservoir as needed. You’ll have to provide the light, but at this low price ($20, Houzz), this is a very low-risk way to make your first attempt at indoor herb gardening.

contemporary indoor pots and planters


Best for: Homeowners in need of wall art

This gorgeous chalkboard wall planter ($145, Williams Sonoma) takes that same idea vertical. You add water through the top, and a “moisture mat” distributes it evenly through all 10 plant cells. Again, you’re supplying the light yourself. But did we mention you can also write on the surface? Maybe you could use the chalkboard to scribe a reminder to refill the water reservoir.

Williams Sonoma


Best for: The low-maintenance gardener

One of the most popular hydroponic kits is the AeroGarden by Miracle-Gro (starting at $60, Amazon). In addition to the self-watering system, each kit comes with its own light set at the perfect height. You decide how ambitious you want to be with your indoor herb gardening. Kits range from a humble $60 model to a $300 Bounty Elite model with a touch-screen control panel.



Best for: Aspiring designers

The SavvyGrow smart hydroponics garden kit ($75, Amazon) does pretty much the same thing only with a prettier design. The two-plant kit will not look too out of place on your living room coffee table, apparently.


Best for: The energy-conscious

The Click and Grow Smart Garden ($80 to $160, Click and Grow) is the newest and likely sleekest version of this idea. The kits come with nutrient-fortified soil and seed pods, a self-watering container (a floating piece of plastic is the sensor that alerts you when you need to add more), and a light set a the perfect height. Best of all, it requires only 6 watts of energy, so it’s not a drain on the grid.

Click & Grow


Best for: Someone who wants lots and lots of herbs

Throw out your wine refrigerator and install this Urban Cultivator ($2,800, Houzz) in its place. The unit takes care of everything for you: lighting, water, temperature. It’s the same size, and uses the same plumbing connections, as a dishwasher. All of this convenience comes at a steep price and requires a commitment in terms of kitchen square footage. But you can grow greens in the cultivator as well. It’s surely worth it for serious cooks, especially those who entertain a lot.

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Best for: Someone craving a whole herbal ecosystem

Then there’s the ultimate setup for people who like to combine home decor, furniture, and gardening into one impressive system: The Garden (starts at $3,500, Grove Grown). This investment piece includes a silent water pump and is large enough to grow more than herbs. The fish in the aquarium below provide your fertilizer. Now you’ve got your very own waste-free ecosystem and may consider yourself a god or goddess in your own garden of Eden.

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