9 fantastic floating homes for sale

Living close to a body of water has its share of real estate perks — water views, waterfront properties, private beaches, and personal boat launches are a few top-of-mind examples. One type of real estate that ultimately takes advantage of water, however, is the floating home.

Perhaps the most popular floating home was the one used in the hit movie, “Sleepless in Seattle,” starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.  Not to be confused with a house boat — which is mobile and can move around — a floating home is permanently attached to a dock, is connected to a sewer system and does not have its own means of propulsion. But, like a house boat, it has incredible water views.

Ranging in size from small (800 sq ft) to large (5,000 sq ft), floating homes aren’t for individuals who are claustrophobic, or easily irritated by disturbances from otters, rowers, and people who poke and nose around in their kayaks. But space isn’t the selling point.

“We’re selling the lifestyle more than anything else because it is so rare and special,” says Rick Miner, a Seattle real estate agent and floating home owner for nearly 16 years.

Miner estimates there are less than 500 floating homes in Seattle and “less than 20 a year go on the market each year.”

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Seattle has an abundance of floating homes, as do other locations along the West Coast, such as select areas of California and Oregon.

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