7 Great Cities for College Grads

Good news college grads. As you and an estimated 1.6 million of your classmates graduate, you’ll be facing the best job market for entry-level positions since 2008. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), employers indicate they plan to hire 19.3 percent more graduates in 2010-11 than they did in 2009-10, especially in certain technical and finance fields. Chances are, if you’re nabbing a new job, you probably need a new place to live.

According to the NACE, the average starting salary for a college graduate is $50,034. This figure depends on the field a grad enters: those with business majors will earn on average $44,000 and liberal arts majors will earn a starting average of $35,000.

To find a few rental homes for grads, we rounded down to a $40,000 take-home salary, which ends up being about $3,300 per month. It’s recommended that people don’t pay rent that greatly exceeds 25 percent of their monthly income, so we found some post-college worthy rentals across the county for around $833 a month in just a few of the cities that have job opportunities for a new grad.

And of course if none of these options seem palatable, there’s always the option of finding a roommate, or doing what 85 percent of 2009 college grads did: move home.

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