Will Feingold Attend Obama’s Wisc. Rally? Yes...He Will

5:10p EST UPDATE: Russ Feingold just Tweeted, "Great day to be in Wisconsin! I made it! Finished voting and am proud to join President Obama at my alma mater."

As President Obama talked with the Cavalier family and friends at one of his "backyard conversations" in Albuquerque, New Mexico, there was still one detail yet to be settled regarding his next stop.

President Obama heads from here to Madison, Wisconsin where he will headline a Democratic National Committee campaign rally in front of thousands of college students.

The only question is whether or not the state's Democratic Senator Russ Feingold will be in attendance.

The 18-year incumbent is in a tough reelection battle with Republican nominee and businessman Ron Johnson. With Mr. Obama's approval numbers waning, Feingold did not attend the president's last visit to Wisconsin on Labor Day.

Feingold has split with the president on a host of issues, including the elimination of the so-called public option from health care reform legislation, as well as an alleged "lack of teeth" in financial regulation reform.

Senior White House Officials, DNC officials as well as staffers from Feingold's Senate and campaign offices say it's because of votes on Capitol Hill Tuesday. But as of midday there were no other votes scheduled, according to Senate leadership aides.

Still, Feingold's office says that he could make it, but at this time can't confirm his attendance.

Feingold did attend President Obama's visit to Wisconsin in August touting new technology and jobs.

The rally is scheduled for 7p EST.