White Out at the Capitol

The Senate and House of Representatives gave themselves a snow day Wednesday, but that wasn’t going to keep your humble blogger from showing up at the Capitol to see what was happening. We journalists are some of the only people foolish enough to go outside in weather like this.

Bulldozers and dump trucks have been taking snow from sidewalks and roadways on the Capitol grounds and dropping it at Lower Senate Park. On Tuesday the mound of snow was at least twelve feet tall, and it will be much larger once this is all finished.

The Capitol was barely visible from the other side of the street. At the corner of Delaware and Constitution Avenues NE you can just make out the building through the frozen mist.

The wind has started to pick up and as you can see from this photo the House side of the Capitol is barely visible from the Senate side of the building. The granite ledge and massive glass windows of the Capitol Visitor Center were completely covered by snow.

There was still activity on the grounds though, despite the lack of lawmakers. US Capitol Police were on foot, in cars, and at security checkpoints. In addition to the police, there was an army of employees from the Architect of the Capitol, the maintenance and operations division of the Capitol complex, out in force to try to battle back the snow.

There may not be any votes on the floor, nor folks walking on them any time soon, but the groundskeepers here are going to make sure that the House steps are clear.