White House Day Ahead, Obama Talks Economy

President Obama will submerge himself in the ongoing unemployment crisis when he meets with people directly affected by it at a Racine, Wisconsin town hall Wednesday. The city's unemployment rate is well above the national average at 14.2%. The President will make the case that his administration has pumped in federal stimulus money to ease some of the pain. However, local Tea Party activists say Mr. Obama has been sidetracked by other issues and has largely ignored the economy. Some local reports say the group will try to attend the town hall and ask their own questions.

Here's the President's schedule for the day:

11:00a President Obama departs the White House

1:00p The President arrives in Milwaukee, WI

2:15p President Obama holds a town hall meeting in Racine, WI [foxlivestream]

4:15p The President departs Milwaukee

6:10p The President arrives at the White House

Also Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden will help Ohio Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher's bid for Senate when he attends at a fundraiser and a rally for Fisher in Cleveland.