WATCH: Ben Carson says political inexperience a plus

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While critics say Ben Carson lacks the political inexperience necessary to be president, the retired neurosurgeon says that's actually a plus. The Republican presidential candidate points to his most recent fundraising figures as evidence.

In the first quarter of fundraising, Carson brought in over $10 million through 210,000 donations. Much of that cash haul was due in large part to small dollar donations, the average of which was $50. Carson credits social media for helping his message resonate.

Carson told the Washington Examiner his relative inexperience "plays well for people who recognize our nation is of, for and by the people." Carson is quick to point to the fact he is not a career politician to explain his rise adding that America's political system was not designed for citizen statesman rather than lifelong politicians.

Carson has consistently polled in the top 10 of candidates, seeming to secure his spot in the first Republican debate Aug. 6.