A Washington Post pundit who vowed in October to eat his column if Donald Trump secured the Republican nomination for president proved Thursday his word is good, even if it tastes bad.

Dana Milbank feasted on all 18 inches of his October column predicting Trump’s downfall in a lunchtime event livestreamed and posted on the newspaper’s Facebook page.

“I’ve got a little newspaper in my molar,” Milbank quipped, following the humbling helping of newsprint crow plated by Del Campo Chef Victor Albisu.

Milbank, who was joined by famed Post food critic Tom Sietsema, had reached out to his readers in search of recipes as it became clear Trump had the GOP nod sewn up.

“Through the magic of crowdsourcing, I have discovered that eating newspaper can be downright mouth-watering,” Milbank wrote in a column ahead of Thursday’s event. “This is going to be huge! We are going to build a big, beautiful meal – and Mexico is going to pay for it.”

Though it lacks nutritional value, taste and mouth feel, newsprint isn’t particularly harmful to eat, according to an investigation by Statnews.com.

Still, Milbank said he wasn’t taking any chances and pre-gamed with a Pepcid AC and had a bottle of Pepto-Bismol on hand which was placed on the table next to two bottles of Trump wine.