Waiting to back Trump gets Ryan nowhere

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You can’t be a little bit pregnant and you can’t be a little bit Trump, at least if you’re a Republican politician.

The agonies of House Speaker Paul Ryan are on full display as he and his staff work to bat down rumors that the Wisconsinite would capitulate to Trump today.

As Fox News’ Capitol Hill maven, Chad Pergram, reported, Ryan will almost certainly cave, but would like a few more weeks of dignified distance before he bows.

Ryan ought to just get it over with.

If the speaker is looking for a comfortable day on which to endorse Trump – or, in the parlance of our times, “support his party’s nominee” – it surely would not be this one.

Current discussions around Trump include the Republican nominee trafficking in discredited conspiracy theories about the suicide of a White House aide, Trump attacking a female, Hispanic, Republican governor in her home state and Trump under steady fire for refusing to release his tax returns, as Ryan’s 2012 running mate was forced to do.

Those are all the kinds of things that Ryan asked Trump to temper in exchange for the speaker’s backing. Not going to happen.

But there is not likely to be a great day for Ryan to go from being Trump curious to publicly identifying as pro-Trump. Trump’s strategy, after all, is to keep the media maelstrom roiling, and you don’t do that by having sobersided conversations about tax policy and school choice.

It’s better now for Ryan to accept the truth: No terms offered, no quarter given. He and others are being frog-marched to the endorsement podium. One can rationalize, as Sen. Marco Rubio tried to do, to argue that Trump’s victory was some sort of freak occurrence beyond the boundaries of normal politics. But we know the truth: This is the new normal and the party and its leaders were defeated.

Ryan’s anguish is understandable since he has envisioned himself as the conservative intellectual’s speaker. As he reads the withering words of perhaps the most influential thinker on the right today, Charles Murray, it no doubt pains Ryan to know that as a politician, his choices are not his own.

Now, if Ryan wanted to stake his future and that of his party on fighting Trump, he could do what Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., has done. But Ryan obviously feels he doesn’t have that option and has to hand his sword to Trump. So get on with it, already.

And it’s not that there are no arguments to be made among the big-brained set for backing Trump. David Harsanyi offers the counterargument to Murray’s bell curve of opprobrium by saying that Hillary Clinton is bad enough to merit an otherwise unacceptable choice.

But what there is not, is any viable notion that Trump will be contained or constrained by the tut-tutting of the political class. Nor should he be. Trump’s only path to victory is as an all-out assault on the broad, bipartisan establishment. Ryan and his fellows are only useful either as prisoners of war or enemies, but not as partners.

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