VP Biden and Ukrainian President Yushenko walk into a bar....

Vice President Biden, on an official visit to Ukraine, had a little extra time, so he used it to hang out in a pub with the Ukrainian President Viktor Yushenko.

According to Ukrainians on site, the bar's name in literal translation is "Pub Trick" but inside there's a sign that says "St. Patrick's Pub".

But it's not the stop at the pub, or what the two men were drinking that made people snap their heads (the leaders drank coke, the translators drank coffee)..it was what Biden was saying!

Overheard by the reporters traveling with Biden, "I cannot believe that a Frenchman visiting Kiev went back home and told his colleagues he discovered something and didn't say he discovered the most beautiful women in the world. That's my observation."

While nobody is sure what Frenchman Biden is referring to he apparently really thinks the women in the Ukraine are great.

"It's certain you have so many beautiful women."