Video: The Obamas' Moment of Solace, Foiled!

When your house is staked out by live network television cameras most of the day, you may find it a little difficult to maneuver and find privacy. Such is the fate of President Barack Obama, who lives on public property and hosts, on a daily basis, hundreds of intrepid reporters, producers and cameramen.

Today, Mr. Obama tried to outsmart those very people and steal a moment with his wife as the bulk of the TV cameras stood at attention in the Rose Garden, awaiting his arrival. As the estimated time for his statement on the pending retirement of Supreme Court Justice Stevens and the West Virginia mine disaster shifted from 1:20p, to 1:45p, and ultimately, 2:00pm, the President was trying to sneak in some family time.

Not so fast, Mr. Obama, our Fox camera crew saw you walking out of the West Wing Lobby and across the White House driveway, where the press criss-crosses multiple times a day and the President is rarely, if ever, seen.

The President made it to the residence without as much as a second of video to prove it had happened. But he could not make it back the same way with such stealthiness. What did you expect, Mr. President?

Well, if you take a listen to the Commander-in-Chief himself, maybe a bit of a break. Watch below as he teases a Fox camera crew about getting busted for visiting with his wife while the press waited for him in the Rose Garden.

"Stop it guys. I haven't seen my wife all day," the President said about Michelle Obama, whom he affectionately referred to as the FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States).

The two then walked off, hand in hand, to share a moment just before the President finally took the podium.

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