VIDEO: Michelle Obama Surprises White House Tourists

First Lady Michelle Obama shocked White House tourists in the Blue Room this morning when she dropped by unannounced and greeted them one-by-one. It's been one year since President Obama took the oath of office and Mrs. Obama marked the administration's promise to be more open accessible by shaking hands with the morning tour.

Meeting the First Lady can be a powerful thing and each person seemed to handle it quite differently. There was the State Senator who asked for an autograph, the veterinary student who asked Mrs. Obama to support a Capitol Hill vet-related bill, the TSA and student tour groups and many hugs and wiping of teary eyes. Take a look...

The White House posted the entire thing live on its website. We've selected some highlights that include a father who is on break from a tour in Afghanistan and some made-for-TV encounters between First Dog Bo and young children.

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