VIDEO: Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

If you happen to be traveling through Kentucky and flip on the tube, you'll notice someone featured prominently in the state's U.S. Senate campaign -- President Barack Obama. It seems his popularity has fallen to such an extent, mere association with him and his policies amount to a negative for a candidate.

Nowhere is that more prominent than the latest ad put out by Republican candidate Rand Paul, which uses the voice of an impersonator playing the part of the president. A Paul spokesman says the tactic is obvious. "Jack supported Obama in the primary, gave to his campaign, and supports much of the president's agenda... The people were sold a bill of goods, now we Kentuckians are paying for the bad decisions of Washington liberal elites, and Obama is their leader."

We've seen Paul's Democratic challenger try to push himself away from the Obama left, effectively saying he's a loyal Democrat but also his own man. Conway spokesperson Allison Haley said, "This race is between Jack Conway and Rand Paul, no one else. Even with an impersonator, Rand Paul can't hide that he wants seniors to pay a $2,000 Medicare deductible and for states to be able to legalize drugs. Rand Paul doesn't understand Kentucky." And they hit back with an ad to that effect -- listing many things $2,000 could buy other than a Medicare deductable.