Video: First Blackberry Takes a Tumble

The president dropped his blackberry Thursday while going up the red-carpeted Air Force One steps just before he was leaving Andrews Air Force Base and heading to Colorado.

One might say, "POTUS dropped the BOTUS."

To wit:

In Washington, many journalists often refer to the president as POTUS, short for "president of the United States."

They also call the first lady FLOTUS, the vice president VPOTUS, the Supreme Court has its own acronym too, SCOTUS.

Basically anything ending in "of the United States" can get the "OTUS" treatment.

The press has even given a nickname to the teleprompter President Obama uses, it's known as TOTUS.

So insert now - BOTUS, the very unofficial name for the "Blackberry of the United States" which serves a very official purpose for President Obama.

There's even video (you can watch it after the jump).

{VignetteVideo id="5E2E17E0DCFE4E7252426429F4DCB9DE" height="281" width="375" autoplay="off" aspectratio="1.33" assettitl="President+Obama+drops+his+blackberry" }

Obama is the first president to stay connected using the device as commander-in-chief.

Dropping BOTUS is not something new for him, back in January of 2009 when he was still president-elect, his blackberry took a tumble at an airport tarmac while he was getting out of a vehicle.  Back then a Secret Service agent rescued it and handed it back.

This time, the president picked up the tiny mobile machine himself from the step, kept a tight grip on it in one hand and waved goodbye with the other before entering inside Air Force One.

No word yet if today's incident caused injury to BOTUS.