VIDEO BLOG: Rep. Steve King: I was 90-10 on Endorsing

Iowa Congressman and Tea Party favorite Steve King says he was "more than 50-50" on endorsing a presidential candidate, but something held him back.

"I was 90-10, but as the race unfolded, none of the candidates actually captured me in a way that I was eager to step up and defend just their positions," said King on Power Play Friday.

Several GOP hopefuls actively sought King's endorsement in the lead-up to the Iowa Caucuses. But King, a Tea Party Caucus member says, "I didn't quite hear that presidential candidate that gave the shining "city on the hill" speech that described for us the next level of destiny for America."

King says after the South Carolina Primary, he had conversations with South Carolina Congressman Tim Scott about the difficulty Scott also had making the decision not to endorse anyone.

King added that each of the remaining candidates has a lot to offer.

For more on Rep. King's reaction, check out the video below: