Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro wants his entire country to turn against the United States, and so he has organized national expressions of opposition to his sworn enemy.

Maduro’s administration earlier this week instructed academic institutions to take part in an “anti-imperialism day” Thursday and Friday. The action is specifically directed against the United States and the sanctions the Obama administration imposed upon Venezuela recently, calling it a threat to U.S. national security.

In his statement calling for action, Maduro requested academic institutions to put a huge Venezuelan flag at their entrance and ordered the Ministry of Education to gather signatures from students, teachers, administrators, laborers and cooks “from every educational entity asking that [the United States] cease its aggression” and declare each school “a peace zone,” according to Infobae, an Argentina-based news site,

The letter says that Venezuela is undergoing “a state of emergency” that requires a swift and clear response from all citizens.

It urged schools to state: “We are not a threat, we are hope. We want to live and grow up in peace.”

The Ministry of Education said: “We are united for the security of Venezuela.”

The anti-U.S. appeal follows the Venezuelan Congress' passage of legislation, at Maduro's request, to grant him expanded presidential powers for six months.

Maduro, who requested the powers after the U.S. sanctions announcement, would be allowed to enact laws without consulting the National Assembly.

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