VA fires veteran for talking to Congress

After a disabled VA employee and Army veteran reached out to Congress for help locating his lost benefits folder, the VA fired him out of retaliation.

Bradie Frink, a clerk at the VA's regional office in Baltimore, had written a letter to Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., in Feb. 2013 when the agency misplaced Frink's benefits folder. Two weeks later, his superiors moved to fire him for alleged misconduct, despite having no concerns about Frink's performance prior to his congressional complaint.

The Office of Special Counsel announced Tuesday that Frink had been wrongfully terminated following his attempt to get help from Mikulski's office. Because the VA could not find Frink's file, the agency had stopped making certain payments to his family, according to the OSC report.

Frink's case is just the latest in a series of firings and demotions doled out by the VA to employees who blow the whistle on internal misconduct.