Updated: President Obama Picks Kansas to Win in Men's Final Four

Ardent basketball player and fan, President Obama filled out his final four brackets for the men's NCAA tournament.  He told ESPN he was choosing Kansas, Kansas State, Kentucky and Villanova to make the final four.

The President predicted his choice of Kentucky versus West Virginia as "best game of the tournament."  Presidential aide and former Duke University hoops star, Reggie Love, doesn't seem to have that much influence over his boss, because Mr. Obama chose Villanova to best Duke.  "I finally break away from Reggie Love and pick Nova," the President told ESPN's Andy Katz.

One small glitch, spelling.   President Obama chose Syracuse over Butler University in Indiana but spelled the winner's name wrong on his bracket.  Katz pointed out the "Sycacuse" misspelling by telling the President he needed an "r in there."  Mr. Obama laughed off his mistake saying his daughters, Malia and Sasha, were going to tease him about it.

Last year, the President correctly predicted North Carolina to win the championship.  This year he's going with Kansas to win it all.