Union-backed court kills school choice program

State supreme court justices elected with the help of teachers' unions have killed a school choice program that helps more than 1,200 students.

The Washington State Supreme Court announced Thursday that it will not reconsider a ruling in which it declared the state's public charter school law unconstitutional. The court had initially ruled on Sept. 4 that charter schools could not receive state funding because they did not meet the definition of "common schools" in the state constitution.

After the initial ruling, multiple motions requesting reconsideration were filed. A bipartisan group of legislators said the court's ruling disproportionately harms low-income children, who are more likely to attend charter schools. The Washington State Charter Association said education dollars should be allowed to go to schools that don't fit the definition of "common schools." Neither argument swayed the court, with only four of the nine justices calling for reconsideration.

Fortunately, the nine public charter schools in the state have enough money to operate through the end of this school year. But they face an uncertain fate after that.

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