Pentagon Spokesman Col. Dave Lapan says the U.S. will remain part of the mission in Libya "until the objectives are complete."

On Wednesday NATO sent out a one-line press release announcing "NATO and partners have just decided to extend our mission for Libya for another 90 days."

Invoking words similar to those used in discussions of Iraq and Afghanistan, Lapan said the timeline is not limited to that 90 days and U.S. involvement "depends on conditions on the ground."

A NATO official reiterated the mission could go beyond that 90-day extension, but said it's also possible the mission could end sooner. The 90-day extension technically begins on June 27, when the original 90-day time limit established by NATO on March 27th expires.

The Pentagon is planning to be there at least through September, budgeting $750 million for Libya operations through the end of this fiscal year.

In order to complete the mission, as Lapan put it, NATO will have to meet its goals in establishing an arms embargo, a no-fly-zone and successfully protecting civilians from attack or the threat of attack.

In other words, as long as Qaddafi's forces continue to fight, the U.S. says it will be there.