U.S. Implements New Airline Security Measures

A Senior Administration Official tells Fox that Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on Friday will announce changes to current aviation security procedures.  In the wake of the attempted Christmas day airline bombing, DHS will add a new layer of measures that utilize real-time, threat-based intelligence and will apply to all flights entering the United States.

The enhanced measures will apply to all passengers traveling by air to the United States. "To more effectively mitigate evolving terrorist threats, these measures utilize multiple, random layers of security," said a Senior Administration Official. "Both seen and unseen and are tailored to intelligence about potential threats."

Additional screening will be conducted on passengers traveling into the U.S. if they match "current, intelligence-driven and threat-based characteristics."

The White House says that individuals flying  from international destinations may notice enhanced security and screening measures throughout the passenger check-in and boarding process, including the use of explosives trace detection, advanced imaging technology, canine teams, or pat downs, among other security measures.

Air carriers and foreign countries were notified of the changes on Thursday, with the new measures being implemented Friday.

The security changes are the result of the President's review of intelligence surrounding the December 25, 2009 incident.