U.S. Chamber of Commerce to do Bi-Partisan "Road Show" on Regulatory Reform

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is going to launch a bi-partisan "road show" with an unlikely pair - former Indiana Democratic Senator Evan Bayh and former George W. Bush Chief of Staff Andy Card. The duo will be giving speeches, events and media appearances across the country, Chamber President Tom Donohue announced to the board on Tuesday in a memo.

Donohue also noted that the Chamber is in the fight over reform for the "long-haul." He added that the goal is to bring "common sense to America's regulatory process."

The Bayh and Card initiative is part of a larger communications strategy that Donohue said is "aggressive" that includes a media campaign and ground work with local chambers and partners.

The Chamber president also specifically mentioned the health care law in the memo. "The massive health care law creates 159 new agenceis, commissions, panels and other bodies." And he said the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Labor are also big offenders.

Donohue is urging Congress to pass regulatory reform and for the president to sign it.

President Obama took steps to ease some regulations by announcing in January a review process to get rid of some regulations considered "out-of-date, unnecessary, excessively burdensome, or in conflict with other rules." In late May, details of the review came out that the White House said would save millions of dollars.

However, despite those steps, the issue has been a contention with the White House, the Chamber and the business community.

Reaction to the review from the Chamber was positive, but measured.

"This is progress. This is also not nearly enough," wrote Bill Kovacs, Vice President for the Environment, Technology & Regulatory Affairs Division, U.S. Chamber of Commerce in a blog post.

The White House and the administration were at odds during the first couple years of the president's in office. It got even more heated in the fall, when the administration questioned if foreign money was being funneled into ad purchases by the Cahmber for the mid-term elections. They somewhat patched things up when the president addressed the group earlier this year.

More details on the "road show" are expected the week of June 20th.

NOTE: Evan Bayh is also a Fox News contributor.