U.N. climate boss: Paris deal still not enough, no home run


The United Nations is warning that an agreement in Paris next month won't be enough to curb the effects of climate change without steeper commitments from countries on emissions reductions.

"It is a very good step ... but it is not enough," said U.N. Climate Change Secretariat Christiana Figueres in a presentation given in Bonn, Germany, on Friday. She was presenting the findings of a U.N. report on all countries' commitments to carbon emissions reductions submitted to the U.N. to date.

Based on the commitments from more than 150 nations, the temperature of the Earth will rise by 2.7 degrees. Climate scientists say a rise of 2 degrees will be devastating to the Earth's climate. That creates the latest challenge for the climate change conference that begins Nov. 30 to get countries to make more commitments to reduce emission and cut fossil fuel use.

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