Democratic Delaware Gov. Jack Markell is blaming a “random” link mishap after a photo was tweeted from his official Twitter account showing a woman in bondage gear.

Markell’s team quickly scrubbed the tweet, which was supposed to promote the governor’s new initiative for disadvantaged students, but not before a local reporter snapped a screenshot of it.

Markell’s Twitter account then posted a tweet apologizing for the picture, and claiming the link was posted by mistake.

After “looking into it,” Markell’s team tweeted that the link was “accidentally” changed while they were trying to upload a different photo, resulting in the “random, unrelated pic.”

“Wish link was to cat video,” the tweet said.

Umm...what? Ok, so where did the photo come from? It seems to have originated from a Twitter account belonging to “Precious Little,” who tweeted the image in 2010.

The self-described “Estonian model” also apparently claimed on Twitter that she was the woman in the photo.“Precious Little” tweeted that the image “was a harmless selfie/candid from a photoshoot years ago.”

“I don't deserve to have my integrity or that of anyone I know questioned because of a stranger's error,” she wrote.

For what it’s worth, “Precious Little” believes the gov.

“I believe it was an honest accident,” she wrote.