Trump to announce VP pick Friday in New York City

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Donald Trump said late Wednesday he will announce his choice for vice president at 11 a.m. ET on Friday in New York City.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee posted the news on Twitter, adding, "Details to follow."

Trump, his adult children and key staffers have been meeting with vice presidential prospects all week.

Earlier on Wednesday, Trump said his campaign still has three or four potential vice-presidential candidates “but in my own mind, I probably am thinking about two.”

Trump discussed his finalists on Fox News’ “Special Report with Bret Baier” in a wide-ranging interview that included questions about his dustup with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Hillary Clinton and the GOP’s nominating convention next week.

Trump said Ginsberg recently calling him a “faker” and suggesting that a Trump presidency would be bad for America is an “absolute disgrace” to the high court and that she should apologize to the entire country.

“There’s almost something wrong with her,” Trump said about the 83-year-old justice. “I think I am questioning her mental capacity.”

Trump made the comments during an interview conducted in Indianapolis, which has become ground-zero for his vice presidential vetting and where has met with GOP Gov. Mike Pence three times in the past two days.

Earlier on Wednesday, Trump said a breakfast with Pence and the Trump family “went really well.”

“High quality person,” Trump said about Pence, who now appears high on Trump’s VP shortlist. “Wonderful guy. We had a great meeting.”

Trump appeared Tuesday in Indiana at a campaign event and fundraiser with Pence, then talked again Wednesday with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, another potential pick.

He dismissed assumptions that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is off the list, saying he’s “somebody I've liked a long time. He's a total professional. He's a good guy. …  A lot of people don't understand that.”

Trump said the “greatest accomplishment” for Clinton, the Democrats’ presumptive nominee, will be “getting out of her email scandal” -- referring to her using a private Internet server system while secretary of state to send and receive government information.

“How she’s been able to get away from the lies, the deceit, the destruction of 33,000 emails. To me, that’s her single greatest accomplishment,” Trump said of his likely general election rival.

The Clinton campaign declined to directly respond to Trump’s comments, instead referring to earlier responses in which they called Republicans’ comments about the emails “another partisan witch hunt.”

Trump also argued that he’s not looking for a vice president to play the traditional role of attacking a general election rival.

“I just want to pick somebody that’s solid, who’s smart. I’m not looking for an attack dog. Frankly, I’m looking for somebody that really understands what we’re talking about,” Trump said. “I would rather be talking about policy … not talking about ‘Crooked Hillary.’ ”

He also expressed optimism about how Republicans are putting together the draft party platform for the convention that  includes his plan to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

“A few people have said it’s like a Donald Trump speech,” Trump said. “But nobody has ever agreed” with an entire platform.

Trump also downplayed concerns about the party’s Rules Committee perhaps drafting convention procedures for delegates that might help the so-called “Never Trump” effort, saying he’s never been worried about such efforts.

He  said that he plans to give a “law-and-order” speech at the convention, similar to those he’s recently given.