Trump sets record for longest 2016 GOP announcement speech

Unpredictable, unbridled and often entertaining, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign announcement Tuesday was in a league of its own.

The speech included a parade of zingers and off-color remarks. And it was also long – the longest announcement speech yet by a 2016 Republican candidate, at 45 minutes, 24 seconds.

Here’s how Trump’s speech stacked up, time-wise, against the other GOP candidates’.

Trump: 45 minutes, 24 seconds

Ben Carson: 33 minutes, 50 seconds

Ted Cruz: 30 minutes, 14 seconds

Mike Huckabee: 29 minutes, three seconds

Rick Perry: 28 minutes, 42 seconds

Jeb Bush: 28 minutes

Rand Paul: 26 minutes, 12 seconds

George Pataki: 24 minutes, 50 seconds

Rick Santorum: 22 minutes, 26 seconds

Lindsey Graham: 21 minutes, 40 seconds

Marco Rubio: 17 minutes, 48 seconds

Carly Fiorina: One-minute video