Trump raised $3.9 million during the third quarter

Donald Trump leads many national polls of the Republican presidential field, but lags behind several candidates in terms of funds raised. The GOP front-runner raised approximately $3.9 million during the three month period ending September 30, according to his campaign.

While the Trump campaign claims it received 73,942 "unsolicited donations," his campaign has also distributed several fundraising pitches with his signature attached.

"It is my great honor to be participating in this presidential race, which has the possibility of having a truly great and positive impact on America," Trump said in a statement. "While our original budget was substantially higher than the amount spent, good business practices and even better ideas and policy have made it unnecessary to have spent a larger sum. To be number one in every poll, both state and national, and to have spent the least amount of dollars of any serious candidate is a testament to what I can do for America. This is what our country's leaders should do for the United States — spend money wisely and win!

The Trump campaign's third quarter fundraising haul bests Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul's $2.5 million raised, but falls far short of the more than $20 million raised by Ben Carson. Trump reported having $254,772 cash on hand and personally contributed more than $100,000 to his own campaign during the third quarter. Trump has spent more than $1.9 million on his presidential bid since its inception, according to his campaign.

Despite the Trump campaign's insistence that he is "self-funding" his own campaign and not soliciting funds, evidence suggests otherwise. In a fundraising pitch distributed by the Daily Caller in August, Trump asked for money while noting, "you can't 'buy' me."