President Trump on Thursday called on ‘all nations’ to confront North Korea two days after the rogue country test-fired its first intercontinental ballistic missile.

Trump did not give specific details about what a confrontation would look like. He took a shot at former President Obama, saying he doesn’t “draw red lines.”

“We’ll just take a look at what happens,” Trump said during a joint press conference with Poland’s President Duda in Warsaw. “It’s a shame that they are behaving this way. Something has to happen.”

Trump touched on a variety of topics during the press conference. He said Russia is destabilizing the region and promised to work with Poland on its security. Trump thanked Duda for his country’s commitment to NATO and paying its fair share. Of the 28 member nations, Poland is one of five that pays its commitments.

Trump-- who has been an outspoken critic of countries that do not pay their dues-- said ever since his criticism, money has been “pouring in.”

Trump arrived in Warsaw late Wednesday for a 16-hour visit that includes a keynote address to the Poles from Krasinski Square, site of a monument commemorating the 1944 Warsaw Uprising against the Nazis. Scores of people who lined darkened roads waved American and Polish flags and recorded video of Trump’s motorcade as it sped him and his wife, Melania, to their hotel.

The press conference was televised at about 4:30 AM ET.

He was asked whether or not he believed Russia meddled in the 2016 elections. Trump said Russians probably played a role, but said so did other countries. He said Obama was aware of the reported meddling in August and did little to intervene because he was under the wrong assumption that Hillary Clinton was a shoo-in.

Trump was also asked about the recent reports that CNN faced backlash for appearing to imply that it would reveal the identity of the Reddit user who made an anti-CNN, Trump-themed GIF if he reneged on an apology.

CNN has defended its handling of the story, issuing a statement Wednesday saying the network did not publish the user’s name out of concern for his safety -- adding, "Any assertion that the network blackmailed or coerced him is false."

Trump said, “CNN was unfortunate for them. They have been fake news for a long time. NBC is equally as bad. Despite the fact that I made them a fortune with Apprentice.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report