Trump's work for Black community 'unparalleled to any other president' of past 50 years: Dem lawmaker

Vernon Jones calls on president to declare Black Lives Matter a terror organization

President Trump's commitment to the African-American community is "unparalleled to any other president, Democrat or Republican, in the past 50 years," Georgia Democratic lawmaker Vernon Jones told "Special Report" Friday.

"Four years ago he [Trump] talked about what he wanted to do for the Black community and he brought about results," Jones told host Bret Baier. "Opportunity zone districts, support of historically Black colleges, and prison reform with the First Step Act."

"President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden did not have a plan for African-Americans," Jones said later. "President Obama meant a lot to Black people but he didn't do anything for Black people. And certainly Joe Biden followed suit. But this president is back again, laying out his future [plans] on how he is going to assist to lift the Black community out of dark conditions such as school choice.

The president's so-called "Platinum Plan" calls for a nearly $500 billion increase in Black communities' access to economic capital. It also designates the Ku Klux Klan and Antifa as terrorist organizations.


Jones, who has endorsed Trump's reelection and spoke at last month's Republican National Convention, told Baier he wants Trump to add the Black Lives Matter organization to that list because, as he put it, "they wear masks, too, and they terrorize Black people and other people."

The lawmaker also responded to singer John Legend, who recently told the British edition of Cosmopolitan magazine that "people will have to think about going somewhere else" if the "disturbing" scenario of Trump's reelection comes to fruition.


"I like John Legend 's music," Jones told Baier. "John Legend does not speak for all Blacks. He has resources, if he wants to, to leave this country. He can go, but I don't know a country he can go to that is better [than] these United States.

"And let me be clear," he added, "the liberals like to take Blacks, the ones that share their narrative or carry their narrative, and make them as if they are the voice of Black America and they are not ... They want to keep us silent because this president has the liberals and the left and the liberal media horrified that he is able to get Blacks who are becoming woke, who want to support his campaign, who support his policies because it is good for the Black community and it is good for America.